April 21, 2016

#HillaryOnGMA Gets Hit With Questions About Transcripts, Trust & The Crime Bill

Secretary Clinton attended a town hall hosted by ABC News’ “Good Morning America” today, and right out of the gate, she faced a tough question from a concerned voter about her closed-door paid speeches. Clinton again refused to release her speech transcripts, hiding behind a self-imposed rule to lead from behind and not be transparent unless others are equally so.

The second question Clinton faced was about her support and advocacy for the 1994 crime bill from a voter who said he was adversely affected by that very legislation. Clinton again failed to display any kind of leadership by first reflexively responding that Senator Sanders also supported the bill. In the video below, the voter smirks when Clinton deflects blame:

Clinton was then confronted by a voter about her trustworthiness—an issue that has dogged Clinton since the launch of her campaign and one that has only gotten worse for the former Secretary of State. Clinton blamed her lack of political acumen for her poor standing among Americans. Left unmentioned were her numerous public scandals, wariness of transparency, and countless other contributing factors: