August 24, 2015

“Hollywood Russ” Called “A World Class Hypocrite” As Wisconsin Media Takes Note Of Senator Feingold’s Frequent Contradictions

Nearly two decades in the United States Senate seems to have taken its toll on Senator Russ Feingold’s memory, and the media in Wisconsin are starting to notice.

During this Senate campaign, Feingold’s fifth over the past 24 years, the three-term Wisconsin Senator has contradicted himself on a number of issues, including his longtime garage door campaign finance pledge and his position on taking speaking fees. On Sunday, radio host Charlie Sykes pegged “Hollywood Russ,” as “a world-class hypocrite,” during WTMJ’s Sunday Insight panel.

Watch the video here:

CHARLIE SYKES: “But also I think that this is a real problem for Russ Feingold because he had an image of being Mr. Clean, Mr. Campaign Finance Reform, so these stories that you mentioned, and they’re not all coming from conservatives, they’re coming from the mainstream media, and they are self-inflicted, would suggest that Hollywood Russ is a world class hypocrite. I mean, you know, when you make a promise on your garage door on campaign finance, and then you go, that was then this is now. When you rail against honoraria and then you pocket the honoraria. No, that would not be good for most politicians, but if you are Russ Feingold and you have been so sanctimonious for so many years, and your record otherwise is so thin, that’s going to hurt him.”

Those are strong words, but are accurate considering that Senator Feingold is so desperate to go back to Washington that he will abandon any of his prior principles in order to get elected.