March 4, 2016

Hours Before Clinton’s Economic Speech, Bombshell New Outsourcing Video Surfaces

Hillary Clinton is in Detroit today to deliver a speech on her economic policies. Clinton will speak at Detroit Manufacturing Systems and according to senior aide Jake Sullivan, the speech will focus on creating how she plans on creating “good-paying jobs” in the United States:

“Clinton campaign Senior Policy Advisor Jake Sullivan said the stop will focus on economic policy… ‘You’ll hear in full her vision for the future of good-paying jobs and Detroit manufacturing systems tomorrow.'”

The need for such a speech by Clinton becomes apparent when you see what Bernie Sanders has been saying about Clinton recently. Yesterday’s Washington Times featured a headline on the Sanders’ criticism of Clinton: “Bernie Sanders calls Hillary Clinton ‘outsourcer-in-chief’ as candidates clash on trade.”

Even more damaging for Clinton was a video discovered of her speaking positively about outsourcing. The Washington Post reported that the Sanders campaign is pushing video of then- Secretary Clinton in 2012 praising outsourcing in India.

Clinton was in India speaking to a town hall forum. She was asked about outsourcing and said that there were both “plus and minuses” to shipping American jobs overseas:

“Appearing on Indian station NDTV during her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton was asked during a town hall-style public affairs program for her thoughts on outsourcing from the United States to India. ‘Well, you know, it’s been going on for many years now,’ Clinton said on the program, ‘and it’s part of our economic relationship with India, and I think there are advantages with it that have certainly benefited many parts of our country, and there are disadvantages that go to the need to, you know, improve the job skills of our own people and create a better economic environment, so it’s, like anything, it’s, you know, got pluses and minuses.’”

Unsurprisingly, the Sanders campaign is using the 2012 video as an example of Clinton’s “insensitivity” to hardworking Americans:

“Sanders’s camp is prepared to argue that Clinton’s words, spoken abroad, show an insensitivity to the plight of U.S. workers, including those in trade-battered Michigan, which has shed far more than its share of manufacturing jobs… ‘Secretary Clinton should explain to the people of Michigan how they have benefited from outsourcing of their manufacturing jobs,’ Weaver said.”