July 25, 2016

House Democratic Candidates Avoid DNC Like The Plague

As the Democratic National Convention begins today in Philadelphia, an astounding 84 percent of the House Democrats’ top recruits (32 out of 38 members of the DCCC’s Red to Blue program) are skipping the Clinton coronation. National Journal reports:

The list of ab­sent­ee Demo­crats in­cludes a trio of this cycle’s top Sen­ate re­cruits, all but one of the can­did­ates run­ning in the five most com­pet­it­ive races for gov­ernor, and the over­whelm­ing ma­jor­ity of Demo­crats com­pet­ing in the party’s most tar­geted House races.

In choos­ing to the sit out the con­fab, cam­paigns re­peatedly cited schedul­ing con­flicts or the need to re­main in their home states to cam­paign. None poin­ted to pre­sumptive pres­id­en­tial nom­in­ee Hil­lary Clin­ton as a factor….

Of the 38 can­did­ates lis­ted in the Demo­crat­ic Con­gres­sion­al Cam­paign Com­mit­tee’s “Red to Blue” pro­gram, just six told Na­tion­al Journ­al they are at least plan­ning to be in Phil­adelphia, while 32 will not make the trip.

House Democratic candidates have plenty of reasons to skip the progressive pow-wow in Philadelphia. They have struggled all year to explain their support for Hillary Clinton – their politically toxic nominee who the FBI just called “extremely careless.”

They have run away from questions about whether they support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. In addition, they will want to avoid questions about a radical Democratic platform that dramatically expands ObamaCare, raises taxes, and expands government bureaucracy.

The top of the ticket is already losing hope for the House Democrats’ chances this fall, with Tim Kaine last night predicting that the House will remain in Republican control. While these Democrats may shy away from Philadelphia, the fact remains that they would all be rubber stamps for the Clinton-Pelosi liberal agenda in Congress.