August 25, 2017

House Democrats Are Delusional On Single-Payer

The need to conform to the single-payer litmus test is slowly infecting Democratic candidates. This week saw two House candidates come out for single-payer, and significantly potentially harm their prospects in 2018 in the process.

Congressman Rick Nolan’s (D-MN) district is a perennially close one. In his need to appease left-wing extremists though, he’s making delusional statements to justify his support for single-payer. While government takeover of health care is very unpopular, Nolan is trying to say that single-payer “fundamentally American”:

“Rep. Rick Nolan said that single-payer health care is ‘fundamentally American’ adding that countries with such a health care system ‘do better.’ ‘Countries that have single payer do better for significantly less money. They do better in terms of life expectancy, and they pay less. And it’s the way that we simply have to go,’ Mr. Nolan, Minnesota Democrat…”

Another candidate in a competitive race who came out for single-payer this week is California Democrat Andy Thorburn:

“Andy Thorburn, a health insurance executive who is plugging $2 million into a bid to replace Rep. Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.), is the latest Democrat pushing the party to embrace single-payer health care — even in swing districts.”

No matter how they try and spin it away, Thorburn and Nolan’s embrace of the most radical parts of the Sanders’ agenda will only further the view that the Democratic Party is being overtaken by far-left extremists.