November 28, 2016

House Democrats’ Castro Connections

The death of Cuban President Fidel Castro this past Friday sparked responses from a variety of politicians, ranging from the jubilant to the dismayed. However, two members of the newly elected Democratic House caucus have remained notably silent.

Surprisingly, Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) has yet to make any formal statement about Castro’s passing. Nolan has a historically chummy relationship with the Cuban dictator. In 1977, then-Congressman Nolan visited Cuba on a trade mission and praised “the progress of Cuban agricultural and Cuban rural life” under Castro, calling the changes, “nothing short of dramatic.” Castro liked Nolan so much that he was invited back to Cuba for a deep sea fishing trip. Nolan’s friendliness with his fellow far-left winger didn’t falter, either: in 2016, Nolan was part of a delegation led by President Obama to Cuba.

Congresswoman-elect Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) has also yet to comment on Castro’s passing. Murphy made a family trip to Cuba in 2014, before she was in the public eye. On returning from the trip, Murphy emphasized the investments the Cuban government had made in healthcare and education. Her mother-in-law said she was “taken” with the Cuban Revolution, saying that it “indoctrinated” children and “rural people” to “bring the country together.” Meanwhile, Murphy’s husband, Sean Murphy, said that the Cuban Revolution, “really equalized you know from a socioeconomic perspective, equalized the people here and brought equality to the people.” Murphy and her family’s approving statements should raise serious questions about her vision for America when she comes to Congress in January.