December 3, 2015

House Democrats Continue To Experience Recruitment Failures

House Democrats continue to struggle in their perennial quest to flip the House. Today, a Politico story highlighted the extreme difficulties Democrats face in recruiting viable candidates.

In Nevada’s 3rd District, Democrats have experienced three prominent recruiting failures:

“But the state’s 3rd District has given the party trouble in recent years, and it continues to puzzle them. Democrats have tried and failed to recruit three major candidates since Heck decided to run for Senate: former Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller; state Sen. Aaron Ford; and Heather Murren, the co-founder of the Nevada Cancer Institute and the wife of MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren.”

Democrats concede they have little chance to win Illinois’ 12th District, with a DCCC source admitting the district had “moved away from us in a pretty dramatic way.”

“The state filing deadline passed Monday, and national Democrats aren’t enthused about C.J. Baricevic, a young attorney and the party’s only candidate. In 2012, Democrat Bill Enyart succeeded longtime Rep. Jerry Costello, but he lost to Bost last year and said he wouldn’t run again. The DCCC tried to recruit Rick Wilson, the St. Clair County sheriff, over the summer, but Wilson decided not to run.”

And in California’s 21st District, the establishment’s choice suddenly dropped out of the race last month:

“Daniel Parra, the mayor pro tem of Fowler, Calif., is the only Democrat still running, but he has raised less than $40,000 since entering the race this spring. Valadao had $771,000 banked at the close of the third quarter. Another Democrat, Connie Perez, an accountant whom local officials had hoped would fare better than Parra, entered the race in October. But she withdrew less than a month later, citing ‘family, business and public service commitments.’ Democrats have yet to find another candidate.”

All of these races demonstrate that Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC have a long way to go before they can claim they have a chance at winning back the House.