December 14, 2015

House Democrats Hope To Ride Scandal-Plagued Clinton Coattails

As House Democrats attempt to chip away at the GOP’s historic House majority, they have seen their efforts at crafting a legislative messaging strategy falter. Realizing that their message is “less substantial and more diffuse” than that of the Republicans, Congressional Democrats are now seeking to hedge their bets and rely on the coattails of their scandal-plagued Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

Joshua Huder, a senior fellow at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, concisely explained:

“One reason Democrats are counting on help from the Democratic nominee is that they also are struggling with party unity and messaging.”


As House Democrats relinquish control of their political fortunes to the Clinton machine, they would do well to take note of media coverage and polling data that shows Clinton might not be their new hope:

August 2015, Quinnipiac University: “Perhaps the most telling is how poorly she scored when all voters [in FL, OH, PA] are asked about her [Clinton’s] empathy, honesty, and temperament.”

ABC News headline: “Poll: ‘Liar’ Most Frequently Associated Word With Hillary Clinton”

The Nation headline: “Hillary Clinton’s Ethical Challenge”

Financial Times headline: “Fresh Scrutiny Over Hillary Clinton’s Financial Dealings”

Washington Examiner headline: “Clinton’s Faced Hundreds Of Ethics Proves When Hillary Clinton Was In Office”