December 11, 2015

Human Rights Day: A Year Of Bad Clinton Headlines

Yesterday was Human Rights Day. Since last year’s Human Rights Day, there has been a a steady stream of stories highlighting Clinton’s poor human rights record, including this one:

The New York Times Headline: “Hillary Clinton Faces Test Of Record As Women’s Advocate”

The Clinton Foundation came under fire for accepting donations from countries infamous for violating human rights:

ABC News Headline: “Clinton Foundation Taking Money From Accused Human Rights Violator”

Additionally, the Clinton Foundation was criticized repeatedly for hosting an event earlier this year in Morocco, a country known for human rights violations.

Clinton’s record supporting human rights in China was challenged, with The Wall Street Journal questioning whether Clinton really did stand up for human rights in the country like she so often claims. Additionally, Clinton appeared not tell the truth regarding a story about a blind Chinese dissident, who contradicted Clinton’s claims about how she “rescued” him.

Finally, Clinton’s emails revealed her opposition to LGBT-friendly language on passport forms, contrary to her campaign’s messaging today:

The Wall Street Journal Headline: “Emails: Hillary Clinton Angry About Passports Axing ‘Mother,’ ‘Father’”