January 27, 2017

Hypocrisy Alert: Warren Opposes DeVos Over Policies She Supported

Today Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced that she would vote against Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Since Warren received a ferocious backlash after she voted for Ben Carson, this is not a surprising announcement. Yet it still once again brings up how much of a hypocrite Warren is.

In her statement, Warren attacks DeVos’ school choice position, yet fails to acknowledge that she was long a supporter of many of the same policies:

“Charter school supporters say the publicly-funded, but independently-run, schools offer an alternative to families who live in a community with low-performing schools, most of whom do not have the financial wherewithal to move to another district with better schools. The same argument is the basis for a proposal Warren made more than a decade ago that is even more disruptive of the educational status quo than charter schools – school vouchers.”

So Warren is a defender of school vouchers, unless she needs to oppose them to make a political argument. As the Boston Herald put it, Warren’s proposal was very similar to Devos’ plan:

“Top Trump critic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — who’s expected to grill Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos tomorrow — once advocated school choice much like the woman she is likely to grandstand against.”

Warren’s “grandstanding” against DeVos is just the latest piece of news about Warren that shows she has few principles. Since Warren refused even to shake hands with DeVos though, our next Education Secretary shouldn’t be surprised that Warren didn’t treat her fairly.