December 6, 2013

The Hypocrite Known As Kay Hagan

If you get Kay Hagan’s campaign e-mails, you’ll know that she thinks super PACs and the Citizens United ruling are the bane of campaign finance. Here’s a sampling of Hagan’s rhetoric bashing super PACs where she denounces the lack of “transparency” and “accountability” and declares that “it needs to end.”

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, North Carolina’s last statewide elections saw millions in ad spending by outside groups drown out judicial elections. And this time, those special interest groups are coming after Kay. Citizens United opened the floodgates for outside special interest groups, run by the likes of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, to dominate the conversation around our elections. There’s no transparency. There’s no accountability. And it needs to end.

However, Hagan’s outrage does not extend to Democrat super PACs that spend over a million dollars on her behalf. In Hagan’s hypocritical mind, outside groups and super PACs are horrible only until they drop a million dollars and counting to defend her so-called record.

A Democratic super PAC has reported already spending more than one million dollars to support a Democratic Senator for her 2014 re-election. The Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic-oriented super PAC, reported to the Federal Election Commission that it had spent $406,952 last week on independent expenditures supporting Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C.

Kay, what happened to “it needs to end?”