November 23, 2015

Illinois Dem Admits House Leadership Role Lacks Actual Responsibility

In a recent local interview, Rep. Cheri Bustos (IL-17) was asked about her new job as Senior House Democratic Whip. Host Jim Niedelman asked Bustos specifically what her responsibilities are in the position, such as working to track certain issues or helping to get reliable counts on votes.

Bustos admitted that her senior leadership job actually entails no real duties or, well, leadership at all…

BUSTOS: “No it’s really neither. I would say the best way to describe this is I have a seat at the table among the highest levels of the Democratic Caucus and the US House of Representatives. So, I was very honored to be appointed to this slot. You know, I’m somewhat of an independent thinker and our party likes to have people from diverse thought processes, and so I’ll work with other members of Congress on votes that are important just to get a feel on, you know, are we heading in this direction, are we heading in another direction.”

Bustos’ admission of just sitting “at the table” only goes to further highlight her total ineffectiveness as a member of Congress. A recent study put her at 17th most ineffective member of Congress.

Bustos Ineffective