February 11, 2016

Illinois Democrat All In For Higher Taxes

Last night, Illinois Democrat Nancy Rotering proved she is all in for devastating tax increases that would hurt families and businesses throughout the 10th District.

Rotering made favorable comments about a carbon tax and cap-and-trade proposals, all of which would raise electricity prices and destroy jobs.

Rotering also came out in full support for President Obama’s new $10 per barrel oil tax proposal. This tax would likely be passed onto consumers, resulting in higher prices and slower economic growth.

Finally, Rotering said she supported taxing carried interest as income rather than capital gains, which would result in higher taxes paid by the small businesses that provide important jobs throughout the district.

Rotering’s support for these damaging tax increases proves she has more in common with Bernie Sanders than 10th District constituents. As Illinois voters continue to worry about the direction of the state’s economy and local businesses look to grow, the last thing needed are onerous new taxes.