February 8, 2016

Illinois Democrat Nancy Rotering: Not Ready For Primetime

Nancy Rotering has proven herself not ready for primetime.

Rotering got off to a rocky start in early 2015 when an FEC complaint accused her of violating campaign finance law in an apparent disregard for the rules governing Congressional candidates. Rotering, who has struggled to secure the support of the constituents she hopes to represent, has also dumped in $345,000 of her own money to prop up her fledgling Congressional bid. These moves have increased scrutiny of her campaign finances even more so.

Nearly a year into her campaign, Rotering is struggling to actually present a plan to accomplish anything. Despite her lofty rhetoric and attacks on her primary opponent Brad Schneider, Rotering could not answer how she would achieve her biggest legislative priority, saying “I’ll have to get back to you.”

Now, in perhaps the most audacious moment yet in Rotering’s campaign, she admitted that she will put her own interests and the desires of the national Democratic Party above the people of the 10th District:

On her decision to support the Iran Deal: “On the one hand, constituents were telling me, ‘We can’t support this. This is an imperfect deal.’ … On the other hand the (Democratic) party was saying that this is something very important to the president. Where I stood is where I stand on most issues of difficulty, and that is where my own conscience and my own heart leads, based on careful and thoughtful analysis.”


Rotering has proven that she is not only irresponsible in following the rules, but she will stop at nothing to promote her own agenda and the will of the Democratic establishment over her constituents, even if that means promoting agreements like the Iran Deal, which will lead to increased funding for terrorist organizations.