October 15, 2015

Illinois Democrat Relies On Pelosi In Tough Primary

Schneider Pelosi

As former Rep. Brad Schneider battles his way through a competitive primary to reclaim his old Congressional seat, he has been forced enlist the help of House Democratic leader Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Schneider, who has been going through an ideological identity crisis, must be feeling the heat in Chicago’s north suburbs to call in a highly partisan liberal like Pelosi for some quick cash. Schneider’s primary opponent, Nancy Rotering, had more than $660,000 in the bank to Schneider’s $482,000 on the eve of the latest FEC filing deadline, and Rotering recently poached two of Schneider’s legacy Democratic supporters.

It’s understandable why Schneider is worried, though. Not only does he have to get out of a bruising, expensive primary, but then he will have to face incumbent Rep. Bob Dold, who has more than $1 million in the bank so far.