January 14, 2016

Incumbent Ami Bera’s Endorsement Rejected By Local Democrats Amidst Brutal Infighting

California Democrat Ami Bera is struggling to unite the voting coalitions he desperately needs in order to win a tough re-election race. After stirring up union protests last summer over his vote for free trade legislation, the Sacramento Bee reports Bera “now is facing emerging discontent from his own party.”

On Tuesday, a local Democratic group took the surprising step of voting against endorsing Bera, a two-term congressman, citing his votes for the trade legislation and legislation to slow down the influx of Syrian refugees (which he later backtracked from).

Several Democrats expressed their frustration with Bera:

Sandi Russell, former president of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club: “A lot of people aren’t happy with Ami lately for things he’s done. … No one has seen him for quite a while.”

Kerri Asbury, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County: “If you lose activists, if you lose labor, if we are taking about a couple thousand votes in a congressional district, that could generate huge impact. … He hasn’t been responsive to the delegates as far as forwarding relationships or answering to his votes.”

Some Democrats are even talking about challenging Bera’s endorsement vote at the state convention next month. Ami Bera is in for a rough few months as he now tries to avoid attracting a primary challenger.