December 15, 2015

Intelligence Community “Re-Affirmed” Top Secret Clinton Emails

Today, Fox News reported that according to “two sources familiar with the review,” the intelligence community has “re-affirmed” that two emails on Clinton’s private server were “indeed ‘top secret’ when they hit Clinton’s server.”

According to the two sources, one of the two emails, originated by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the CIA, remains “top secret” to this day. The intelligence community has since pulled back the ‘top secret’ classification on the other email.

The new revelations spell trouble for Hillary Clinton, who has claimed on several occasions that she neither sent nor received classified information on her server, even though she later changed her story and said she had not received material “marked classified.” Additionally, although Clinton and the State Department have contended that the two emails were “overclassified,” the two sources have called the classification dispute a “settled matter.”