May 16, 2016

Iowa Democrat Dodges On GITMO

Yesterday, during an interview on KCCI’s Close Up, Iowa Democrat Jim Mowrer dodged a question about whether he supports President Obama’s plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison. Mowrer called it a “complex issue,” but the repeated standard Democratic talking points that the prison is a “recruiting tool” used by terrorists.

A few months ago, Obama sent Congress a plan to close the prison and transfer many of the detainees to American soil. Why does Mowrer refuse to tell voters where he stands on such a critical national security issue?

ANCHOR: “Do you agree, moving onto Guantanamo Bay, do you agree with President Obama when it comes to closing the prison there?” MOWRER: “Well, this is a complex issue that’s still coming out with the plans. And obviously our top priority is keeping our nation safe. But at the same time, GITMO is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists around the world and so we need to make sure that we do make some significant changes as we move forward. Because from what I’m hearing from folks in the intelligence community is that this is a significant recruitment tool that they use and that needs to change.”