May 27, 2016

VIDEO: Iowa Democrats Spar In Run Up To Primary Election

A Democratic primary debate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District seat got heated when the two top candidates in the race sparred over each other’s campaign finances.

Jim Mowrer, a failed 2014 candidate in Iowa’s 4th District now running in the 3rd District, accused his primary opponent Michael Sherzan of trying to buy the Congressional seat with his personal money.

In response, Sherzan criticized Mowrer for breaking their agreement not to attack one another before noting that Mowrer has received large sums of money from Wall Street.

Like so many Democratic primaries across the country, these power hungry candidates in the 3rd District will stop at nothing to boost their chances to get to Washington, DC, even if that means personally attacking one another to collect a few more votes.



MOWRER: “You know, my campaign has been funded by over 4,000 individual donors. People who have been willing to invest in my campaign and I think it’s very convenient that Mike says he wants to take all the money out of campaigns because he has contributed over $600,000 of his own money to the campaign. And I don’t think that Congressional seats should be bought like that either in the future.”

SHERZAN: “Well you know, Jim, you and I have agreed not to attack each other but that sounded like an attack to me… But when you research it and look at the public information, you’ll find out where the money is coming from and who’s paying the PACs to whom. And, sir [Mowrer], you fully understand that some of that money comes from a firm – you’re actually getting more money from Wall Street than I am. So, you know, casting aspersions upon my character and what I’m doing with my campaign is not something that I agree with.”