February 18, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton In Danger Of Losing Virginia?

For months, we have heard spin from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that they always expected a competitive primary, but it seems doubtful that anyone in Brooklyn predicated things going so badly off the rails.

Coming off a thrashing in the New Hampshire primary, Clinton once looked to Nevada, a state where she once held a sizable lead over Bernie Sanders, to turn around her struggling campaign.

Now recent polling shows Nevada is a virtual tie between Clinton and Sanders.

Clinton’s campaign will tell its supports not to worry, that the Super Tuesday “firewall” is almost here.

But wait! Even Clinton’s impenetrable “firewall” now seems to be in doubt.

The Washington Post is reporting that youth enthusiasm for Sanders in Virginia might cause the state to slip away from Clinton. Virginia is one of the biggest Super Tuesday contests, and a Clinton loss here would be a devastating blow.

In Virginia, much like New Hampshire, Clinton is relying heavily on the support of the Democratic establishment, while Sanders is relying on enthusiasm.

One Virginian said of Sanders:

“People like him; they trust him,” said Mark J. Rozell, acting dean of the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. “I would not be surprised to see Bernie Sanders do well.”

While another added:

“He just supports more of what I would want to see when I’m my mother’s age,” said Ewen Crunkhorn, who will turn 18 in time to vote in the primary. “A lot of what he had on his website made a lot more sense.”

Recent polling in the state shows Sanders is rated more favorably than Clinton with all registered voters.