February 2, 2016

Is Maggie Hassan Hedging On Hillary Clinton?

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan appeared at an event for Secretary Clinton in Nashua today following Clinton’s disastrous performance in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, and managed to completely avoid being seen or photographed with…Secretary Clinton.

Hassan gave introductory remarks, and then turned the microphone over to a Clinton campaign organizer, exiting the stage – and apparently the venue – before the audience ever saw Clinton.

Back in September, when Clinton was the undisputed frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, Hassan barely left her side during their kickoff event together, which featured both women on stage, a joint audience Q&A session, and a joint press conference.


But with Clinton entering the final week of the First-in-the-Nation primary wounded from Iowa and expected to lose to Bernie Sanders, and Hassan taking heat in the headlines for running precisely the same kind of lackluster campaign as Clinton, she may be angling to avoid further ties to the former frontrunner.

Their lack of a joint appearance was made all the more awkward by Clinton reassuring Granite State voters that she “just got to give your governor a big hug as she was heading out the door”:


The problem for Hassan, of course, is that the damage is likely done with grassroots Democrats who will remember in November that she didn’t back their beloved Bernie. No amount of distancing herself – literally – from Clinton at the eleventh hour will change that.