February 3, 2016

Is Secretary Clinton A True Progressive Or Fighting Progressives? Team Clinton Doesn’t Know.

Appearing simultaneously on CNN and MSNBC respectively, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon and Clinton surrogate Sen. Jeanne Shaheen had wildly different things to say when asked if Secretary Clinton is a true progressive.

On MSNBC, Shaheen argued Clinton is fighting the progressive wing of the Democratic Party

“I think, you know, Hillary has not only been up against Bernie Sanders and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, but she’s also been up against all of those candidates who have been running on the Republican side who have been hitting her for years now since they’ve been in this race.”

Meanwhile on CNN, Fallon argued Clinton is, in fact, a true progressive:

“And now he’s questioning her commitment to progressive values when she spent her whole career fighting for women and children. … This has been the cause of her life, and for her to come under question from Senator Sanders on her progressive values, it’s hutzpah on Senator Sanders’ part.”

Perhaps the Team Clinton needs some time to decide? With this kind of chaos running rampant among top spokespeople, no wonder rumors are already swirling about a campaign shake up.