May 17, 2016

It’s Katie McGinty vs. Law Enforcement On Sanctuary Cities

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty has found herself on the wrong side of the law. This week, 20 top law enforcement officials from around the state called out McGinty for her soft stance on sanctuary cities, citing public safety as their top concern. 

“[Philadelphia] Mayor Kenney’s sanctuary city policy threatens the security of all Pennsylvanians,” the letter reads. “We hope you will use your influence to reach out to Mayor Kenney and join the bipartisan call for Mayor Kenney to end Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy.”

But lackluster liberal McGinty has continued to equivocate on Philadelphia’s dangerous policy. She has accused sanctuary city opponents of being “divisive” and using “buzzwords,” and has allied herself with Kenney and other liberal mayors to try to place the blame for their far-left agenda on Republicans.

McGinty isn’t just at odds with the law enforcement community on this issue; she’s far to the left of other liberal Democrats  – including President Obama. Even her own campaign chair, former Governor Ed Rendell, said Philadelphia should “follow the law.”

It’s clear that McGinty isn’t listening to the law enforcement community and will not stand with them on the issues that count, despite her campaign trail rhetoric about her father’s police career and her repeated public assurances of support.

Actions matter more than words, and Katie McGinty has shown time and again that she cares more about catering to the liberal special interests that bankrolled her primary win than protecting public safety at home in Pennsylvania.