October 6, 2016

Jason Kander Quiet On Reid & Schumer, Still Cashes Their Checks

Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander wants to have it both ways. On the one hand, he wants to pretend that he’s not a liberal who’s loved by the DC establishment of his party. Yet at the same time, he wants their help and financial support. This morning, Kander spoke with Politico Playbook about refused to share his opinion of Harry Reid:

“Although Kander has his eyes on heading to Washington, he isn’t interested — at least publicly — in sharing his views on the current Senate Democratic leadership.‘I’m not a member of the caucus, so I don’t know,’ Kander said of Harry Reid. ‘I wouldn’t have any way to answer that.’”

Nor would he comment on whether he’d support the presumptive next Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer if he were elected:

“And he also is playing his cards close to his vest when it comes to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) leading the caucus. ‘I think that all those decisions can be tabled until — it’s when [it’s time for] the selection and then we can address stuff like that,’ Kander said when asked if he would support Schumer.”

Yet even a cursory look at Kander’s campaign shows that the DC Establishment Kander is so adamant of not sharing his opinion on has been a boon to his Senate candidacy. Kander had no problems attending a fundraiser with Reid last October, in which Reid lavished praise on him:

“After Reid attended a joint event in late October with five Democratic hopefuls – Kander, Cortez Masto, Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Strickland and Rep. Patrick Murphy of Florida – the Democratic leader singled out Kander. ‘I love all five of them – but the man that was stunning in his approach and in his speech was Jason Kander,’ Reid said in an interview.”

In fact, that was the second fundraiser that Reid has held to help Kander’s campaign since Reid had held an earlier one for Kander in Las Vegas. In addition to those two fundraisers, both Reid and Schumer’s Leadership PACs have given thousands of dollars in campaign donations to Kander.

This entire campaign Kander has been trying to hid his true record from Missouri voters. Like his ties to Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, once voters see the facts, they see through Kander’s fabrications.