February 19, 2016

Jealous NV Democrat Lashes Out At Union Leadership

Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores appears to be jealous local unions have left her out in the cold. In an NPR interview this morning, Flores, who is running for Congress in state’s 4th Congressional District, was asked about the influence unions will have in affecting the outcome of the Nevada caucuses on Saturday. Flores was critical of union leaders for endorsing Clinton over Sanders, and suggested members might “rebel” against their leadership.

NPR’S RENEE MONTAGNE: “Let me just ask you about a particular aspect of voting there [Nevada]. Unions-how much influence do you think they will have on this Democratic vote?” FLORES: “Ultimately, people are very independent, and what I have seen with all the unions is that you have members who, regardless of who their union chooses to endorse, ultimately want to exercise their own judgment and want to vote for the person they feel is best. And you’ve certainly seen that with Bernie, where you’ve seen leadership of particular unions go with Hillary Clinton and you’ve seen their members almost rebel and say, ‘Yes, you’ve made this decision but that’s not what we agree with.’ And frankly, many of them weren’t given theopportunity to vote.”


Flores’ ire likely stems from the cold shoulder she has received from unions. Her Democratic primary opponent, Ruben Kihuen, has recently racked up major union endorsements, including one from the state’s largest labor union, the Culinary Union. Flores, meanwhile, has no notable union endorsements to speak of. Womp, womp.