July 28, 2016

Jennifer Granholm: Failed Governor, Failed Clinton Surrogate

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) tenure was a disaster for the Michigan middle class. During Granholm’s eight years as governor, Michigan lost over 600,00 jobs, while unemployment skyrocketed from 6.6% to over 14%. Michigan’s painfully high unemployment rise under Granholm led the nation:

“Gov. Jennifer Granholm says she presided over the larger part of Michigan’s ‘toughest decade’ but believes the state’s economy is on the rebound following massive job losses in the automotive industry and manufacturing sector. Michigan led the nation in unemployment from April 2006 to May of 2010, and it is estimated the state lost more than 600,000 jobs during her eight-year tenure.”

Granholm was so unpopular by the end of her two terms, that when asked what her approval numbers were, all she could say was “I hope it’s 30.”

Granholm has also not acquitted herself well as a surrogate for Clinton. See below for some of Granholm’s biggest surrogate flubs and missteps:

  • Granholm said that Clinton, who has a 67% untrustworthy rating, is trustworthy
  • Granholm laughably claimed that Clinton’s secret, big-money speeches were “public meetings”
  • Pressed by CNN, Granholm failed to explain how Clinton missed the rise of ISIS. Granholm even claimed that Clinton had a “comprehensive strategy” to fight ISIS, a claim that has been roundly mocked other places.
  • When asked why the American people do not trust Clinton, Granholm blamed the “right wing.”

For the Clinton campaign’s part, they’re probably hoping that Granholm will avoid a repeat of her erratic 2012 performance, during which she memorably claimed to be “high on Democracy.”