February 19, 2016

Joe Biden Moves Wildly Off Message

Joe Biden has a well-earned reputation for gaffes.In an interview with POLITICO, Biden was at it again. In the span of a single interview, Biden managed to knock Obama’s economic legacy, Clinton’s campaign message, and contradict President Obama’s comments at his last press conference.

Biden admitted that the Obama Administration’s economic policies have failed the middle class:

Q: You said yesterday, the middle class is still getting crushed.

A: Yes.

Q: Donald Trump supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters, are reflecting, the polls tell us, a lot of middle-class anxiety in this country. How much of that is your fault?

A: It’s legitimate criticism

Biden criticized Hillary Clinton’s campaign for not trying to “sell a positive message”:

Q: Bernie’s a socialist. He wants a revolution; it’s understandable that he’s saying everything is awful. But Hillary’s kind of running as the heir to you guys. Have you been surprised that she’s essentially saying the same thing, but also it’s even worse because there’s sexism and racism and homophobia?

A: The only thing I can figure is, they both have large campaign organization, with a lot of smart people that are probably politically smarter than I am. They must say there’s no way to sell a positive message. I don’t know.

Biden endorsed the central theme of Bernie Sanders’ campaign:

Q: Bernie has a particular critique of the economy: the banks are still massively dangerous, everything is working for the 1%, nobody is getting ahead. What do you make of it?

A: I think his conclusory comment is correct. The way everything is stacked up now, it’s all going to the 1%…There are half a dozen votes I regret, out of about 18,000. One of them is the repeal of Glass-Steagall. It was part of a big package. But it was wrong.”

Biden contradicted Obama’s previous statement that he wasn’t considering a moderate:

Q: You were going to talk about the Supreme Court. Do you nominate a centrist? Someone who fires up the base?

A… But the idea that we’re going to go in, and pick a new Justice Brennan, that’s not going to happen.