October 5, 2017

Joe Donnelly Continues His Streak Of Being Ineffective For Indiana

Joe Donnelly Continues His Streak Of Being Ineffective For Indiana

This has not been a good year for Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN). The Indiana Senator has long tried to make outsourcing a signature issue for him, but already this year he was exposed as a complete hypocrite on the issue when the Associated Press reported that he’s profited handsomely from a company that outsources jobs to Mexico.

Now a new study by the Center for Effective Lawmaking shows that, in addition to being a massive hypocrite, he’s also the “least effective” Democratic Senator in the 114th Congress:

“New data from the Center for Effective Lawmaking show that Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana was the least effective member of his party at advancing agenda items toward becoming law during the last Congress… During the 114th Congress, Donnelly introduced fewer bills than any of his Democratic colleagues. Only two of them received any ‘action in committee’ and none advanced through committee, based on figures used by the center.”

Senator Donnelly’s middling status as a lawmaker is nothing new for him. During the 113th Congress, Senator Donnelly wasn’t much more effective, clocking in as the 55th most effective Democratic Senator out of 57. It’s clear Senator Donnelly has done nothing to help the people of Indiana – one of the many reasons he’s one of the most vulnerable Senators in 2018.