February 11, 2016

Joe Sestak Flip Flops On ISIS, Backs Assad In Syria

Pennsylvania Democratic senate candidate Joe Sestak sat down with the York Daily Record’s editorial board on Wednesday, where he lived up to his reputation for making zany statements – except in this case his bizarre comments carry dangerous foreign policy implications.

Asked about the existential threat posed by ISIS, Sestak completely flip flopped from his past rhetoric. To the editorial board, a hawkish Sestak accused the Obama administration of being “slow to properly address” ISIS and “slow to give arms to the more moderate rebels.” He claimed his strategy would be to “treat ISIS like what it is,” which Sestak defined as a “state” that controls territory the size of Belgium.

That’s a far cry from Sestak’s now-infamous 2014 statement that President Obama’s ISIS policy was “prudent” and that ISIS, which he characterized as a “rebel force,” was “almost out of gas.” Sestak even doubled down on his widely-debunked claim in December. When asked to clarify his comments at a campaign stop, Sestak said people just don’t understand terms like “out of gas.”

Sestak didn’t stop there; he went on tell the editorial board that he favors forming an alliance with Syrian President and human rights violator Bashar al-Assad, something politicians and experts on both sides of the aisle universally agree is a horrible idea.

“We have to accept that Assad doesn’t threaten us today,” said Sestak, calling for a “coalition of convenience.” He even previewed his diplomatic strategy, addressing a non-present Assad and saying, “Okay, President Assad, we’re going to let you stay for some time.”