December 14, 2015

Joe Sestak Thinks People Don’t Know What “Out Of Gas” Means

The other day, Joe Sestak took a trip to Philadelphia to talk about ISIS, and he was asked about his embarrassing comment from last year when he said that ISIS was “out of gas.” A refresher on what Sestak told Ed Schultz in June 2014:

“And second, he’s recognized that ISIS, this rebel force is almost out of gas. It stretched with eleven thousand fighters from all the way in middle Syria all the way down to close to Baghdad. And now, they’re up against a military force of Baghdad itself. These are the best troops they’ve got, Special Forces.”

With the atrocities that ISIS has been committing around the world, it is hard to argue that the terrorist group is “out of gas.” But, Sestak stands by his characterization, having this exchange with a questioner at the event in Philadelphia:

Questioner: “Last year on MSNBC you said ISIS was running out of gas.”

Sestak: “I repeated that right here.”

Questioner: “And clearly you were wrong.”

Sestak: “Not at all.”

Questioner: “Why should we trust your strategy going forward now?”

Sestak: “Nope, that’s not right. You notice what I said today is they were out of gas because they had met the very last, the best of the forces of Baghdad. And so they said stop, you couldn’t go anymore, and so now they hunker down and started to build their state.”

(Starts to move on to another questioner)

Sestak: “Oh, by the way, that doesn’t mean I’m always right. But in that case I was because they stopped, they haven’t expanded anymore at their territory. Now, they’re still promoting their ideology.”

So, despite the fact that they are carrying out attacks across the world, including in Paris, Sestak wants to double down on his comments and say that he was correct. OK. But that wasn’t the end of the topic at this event. Later, Sestak came back to his comments and said that… people just don’t understand the phrase “out of gas”:

“There aren’t those that understand the military and it’s nexus with foreign policy. Like when I say run out of gas, yea, it ran out – it couldn’t expand anymore. People don’t understand those terms, and what we do and all.”

So Sestak still believes that ISIS was “out of gas” and that people don’t agree with that assessment because they don’t understand the phrase “out of gas.” Sestak’s supposed qualification for office is his foreign policy experience, but that isn’t helping him here.