November 6, 2015

John Bel Edwards: Bad For Business

Just as he’s tried to make his record of strong support for President Obama disappear on the campaign trail, John Bel Edwards has attempted to re-cast himself as a pro-business Democrat.

Unfortunately for Edwards, actions speak louder than words, and his voting record in the Louisiana legislature speaks volumes. Edwards received an “F” rating from The Louisiana Association of Business And Industry (LABI), the state’s top advocate for small business owners. His rating made him the 14th worst legislator – out of 144 – for business in the 2015 session.

Edwards and his fellow fiscal liberals in legislature came under fire for ramming through an anti-business agenda, including massive tax hikes. The Times-Picayune reported:

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry blasted the state legislature on Tuesday for championing what it called a ‘Louisiana populist agenda’ that included tax increases on business that threaten to curtail the state’s economic expansion.

Louisiana’s top business lobbying group also accused lawmakers of choosing the easier path of ramming through the biggest tax increase in decades rather than doing the hard work of fixing “a fundamentally broken tax code.” As a result, LABI predicted that the tax increases “will be felt by employers in every industry sector” — not just the “big business” corporations that legislators said they were plumbing for new revenue.

And Edwards was on the front lines of the tax-and-spend agenda, earning a bottom-of-the barrel business ranking.