August 8, 2016

What John Fetterman Really Thinks Of Katie McGinty

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman is expected to join PA Democratic nominee for Senate, Katie McGinty, on a conference call today, but it wasn’t so long ago that Fetterman wouldn’t have been caught dead with McGinty. Repeatedly throughout the primary, Fetterman launched attacks on McGinty that went beyond policy differences and often veered into the personal.

Eager to paint McGinty as another out of touch politician, Fetterman “assailed Katie McGinty as relying on poll-tested talking points” and mocked her “hokey diner tour” last March. As mayor of a gritty, industrial suburb of Pittsburgh, Fetterman blasted McGinty for living in the “leafy, prosperous suburbs” of Philadelphia, arguing that McGinty doesn’t “care about working class families or working class towns” as much as he does.

On the policy front, Fetterman took issue with McGinty’s support for the $15 minimum wage:

McGinty, as a primary candidate for governor two years ago, supported a $9-an-hour minimum wage, Fetterman noted. Fetterman supports a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, and he suggested that her conversion to supporting a $15 minimum wage is about polling, not personal conviction.

Fetterman also criticized McGinty’s ties to the “oil and gas industry.” During a primary debate, McGinty said she hadn’t taken any money from the oil and gas industry, but Fetterman, who called her out during the debate, put out a video that said, “In the last 3 years, Katie McGinty has taken at least $198,600 from the oil and gas industry.”

Disagreements among candidates running for the same position are commonplace, but as Secretary Clinton will tell you, it is difficult unifying a party after weathering months of attacks that border on personal insults. Very little has changed since Fetterman launched these attacks on McGinty, aside from an abysmal DNC week in her hometown, so this sudden conversion from Fetterman is perhaps more about keeping his political options open than it is about actually supporting McGinty.