April 26, 2017

Jon Ossoff Follows In Privileged Patrick’s Ignominious Footsteps

Even as Democrats adopt the socialist policies of Bernie Sanders, they somehow keep nominating yacht-loving candidates. Last year, it was Patrick Murphy, whose yacht named “Cocktails” provided endless ammunition for his many political opponents.

This year, in Jon Ossoff, Democrats have actually found a candidate who surpasses even Murphy’s lofty standards when it comes to resume lies and inexpierence. At the same time, Murphy and Ossoff are equals in terms of their shared love of family yachts.

Yesterday it was revealed that Ossoff’s family owns, not one but “multiple yachts”:

“His family has a yacht and a Cessna, the latter purchased through a limited liability company using a relative’s address in New Hampshire, one of a handful of states that don’t charge sales taxes on airplane purchases. In Georgia it would have been a taxable event. One publication shows his family with multiple yachts. If Gov. Nathan Deal signs a bill passed this year, the family could have its boats repaired in Savannah.”

Like Murphy, Ossoff is also a hypocrite when it comes to his family’s money. While The Dunwoody Crier showed that Ossoff’s family avoids paying Georgia taxes on their private plane, Ossoff’s actually advocating for closing tax loopholes.

Ossoff and Murphy already have so much in common, but on June 20th they’ll add another match. They’ll both be losers. They’ll be rich losers, but losers all the same.