April 25, 2017

Jon Ossoff Has Skipped Voting In Every Georgia Runoff Election

The more Georgia-6 voters learn about Jon Ossoff, the more it becomes clear that Ossoff is neither a serious person or candidate. From his residency issues to his resume issues, Ossoff has been flawed from the start. On Friday, CNN added to that unserious picture of Ossoff with the news that Ossoff skipped voting in the 2012 election, while living in London.

This morning, a new story from the Washington Free Beacon expands on CNN’s story to show that Ossoff has “skipped the polls in over half of statewide elections since 2008.” Even more embarrassing, Ossoff, who is currently in a runoff election, has skipped all the runoff elections in Georgia he’s been eleigible to vote in:

“Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff cannot vote for himself in June’s runoff election because he lives in the wrong district, but based on his previous turnout for runoff elections it is unlikely he would vote in it even if he could. Voting records reveal that the 30-year-old Ossoff, who has been an eligible Georgia voter for over a decade, has never voted in one of the state’s many runoff elections, according to information obtained through the Georgia secretary of state.”

Jon Ossoff has asked the people of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district for their vote on June 20th. Yet as the Washington Free Beacon just showed, if Ossoff actually had a vote in Georgia-6, he probably wouldn’t even bother to show up himself.