April 17, 2017

Jon Ossoff Is In Trouble

The only realistic chance Jon Ossoff has of winning the GA-6 special election is getting over 50% tomorrow. The importance of tomorrow’s election is why you have noted anti-war activist and Hollywood celebrity Jane Fonda giving Ossoff $2000.

Yet by any indication, Ossoff’s momentum has stalled. A new Emerson College Poll has Ossoff mired in the low 40s, in line with the last few weeks of polling that shows Ossoff with very little chance of getting to 50%:

“For a while, all that money and national attention caused some race watchers to wonder if Ossoff could win without a runoff. However, over the campaign’s last two weeks, his polling numbers have leveled off in the mid-40s; no poll has ever shown him higher than 45 percent.”

Ossoff’s faltering performance in the polls tracks with the increased attention paid to his embellished resume, ties to national liberals like Nancy Pelosi, and the work he did for Al-Jazeera:

“Also, his top Republican opponents, namely Karen Handel, are hitting Ossoff – hard – over his fundraising sources and his support from some of the nation’s top liberal leaders, specifically former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His opponents have also tried to link him unfavorably to Al-Jazeera, an association that Ossoff himself has tried to clarify.”

If Jon Ossoff wins tomorrow it’d be a real boon to all the spoiled 30-year-old multi-millionaires out there. Unfortunately for Ossoff, what’s more likely is that when the race moves to him versus just one Republican, he’s going to find that getting to 50% in a Republican district is harder than pretending you’re a national security aide while working for Hank “Guam might tip over” Johnson.