April 25, 2017

Jon Ossoff Plagued By Bad Ethics Headlines

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust’s ethics complaint against Congressman Hank Johnson using federal resources to help Jon Ossoff’s campaign has been a major headache for Ossoff this week. Following the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s story, NBC-Atlanta followed on that reporting by speaking with a local ethics expert.

Georgia Ethics Watchdog founder William Perry praised the validity of FACT’s complaint. He also slammed Johnson’s actions, saying they crossed the line:

FACT’s complaint garnered attention at exactly the wrong time for Ossoff, who has struggled since last week to kick start a campaign sapped of momentum. See below for some of the worst headlines for Ossoff and Johnson:

Roll Call: Ethics Group Questions Hank Johnson’s Ossoff Help

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ethics group: Hank Johnson improperly aided Jon Ossoff with taxpayer resources

WXIA: Race to replace Tom Price: Ethics complaint filed against Hank Johnson

TPM: Article On GA-6 Removed From Dem Rep’s Official Website After Ethics Complaint

Washington Free Beacon: Complaint: Rep. Hank Johnson Violated Rules Assisting Former Aide Jon Ossoff