March 28, 2017

Jon Ossoff Relying On Liberal Hollywood Actors

Yesterday marked the start of Georgia-6’s early voting period, yet instead of highlighting the efforts of in-state volunteers, Jon Ossoff has two Hollywood celebrities making headlines for him. Alyssa Milano and Christopher Gorham, two Hollywood actors, tweeted that were volunteering for Ossoff, highlighting “how out of touch [Ossoff] is with the district”:

“Actors Christopher Gorham and Alyssa Milano took the words ‘voter drive’ literally as they drove people to vote early for Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia. But Republicans said the celebrities’ volunteering in an out of state race was an example of how out of touch the Democrat is with the district.”

The presence of two actors furthers the narrative that Ossoff, who doesn’t even live in the district, is being propped up moneyed, out of state interests. Unfortunately for Ossoff, Gorham even admitted that Democrats want to make the race about national politics, not the needs of Georgia voters:

“’Carpetbagger charge!?’ said Gorham. ‘I love it. Look, all politics may be local, but this race has national implications. My wife, Anel Lopez Gorham, and her political activist group in Los Angeles, held a bake sale in January and raised over $1,200 for Jon’s campaign. We’re not forcing anyone to support a candidate they don’t believe in. We’re just helping a man whose values we share get his message out.’”

National Democrats and Hollywood liberals are using Ossoff to try and make a point. Georgia voters know better though. This race is about what matters to Georgians, not some entitled Hollywood actors holding bake sales in Los Angeles.