October 3, 2017

Jon Ossoff Robot Reset To Factory Settings

Earlier this year, millionaire millennial loser Jon Ossoff set a record for most money spent in a Congressional race and still lost. Given that embarrassing fact, you’d think Ossoff would have realized that politics just wasn’t for him. Apparently though, he’s not ready to give up on his fifteen minutes of fame just yet.

During that race, Ossoff “transformed” from a rabid opponent of Donald Trump to someone who “[deflected] questions about Trump.” Now Ossoff is re-emerging onto the Georgia political scene, and according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he’s back to his original anti-Trump settings:

“In post-mortems of Democrat Jon Ossoff’s defeat, the 6th District candidate was critiqued over his refusal to hit President Donald Trump harder in the waning days of the campaign. If he runs for the suburban Atlanta seat again, he’s signaled he won’t be pulling any punches. In a string of tweets and speeches since his June 20 loss to Republican Karen Handel, Ossoff has torn into the president with the kind of serrated-edge criticism that he steered away from in the final stretches of that nationally-watched race.”

This should be completely unsurprising to Georgia voters who looked at Ossoff and rejected him. He’s always been a fraud and a liar, who only cares about his personal ambitions. With these recent comments, he’s showing that hasn’t changed one bit.