October 20, 2016

Kaine Grilled By CNN On Clinton’s Debt Lie

One of Hillary Clinton’s worst debate moments last night was the two times she absurdly claimed that none of her plans would add to the national debt. The Washington Post had already dinged Clinton’s laughable statement, but that didn’t stop her from still rolling it out during the debate:

Now that awful moment is negatively impacting her running mate Tim Kaine. During an interview this morning on CNN, Kaine was repeatedly pressed on the fact checks that show Clinton lying about the debt her plans would add. All Kaine could was dodge the question:

It’s no surprise that Kaine had no answer. As this chart below shows, Clinton has proposed over $1.2 trillion in new spending:

Hillary's Costly Promises

It’s just not credible to say that Clinton’s plans won’t add to the national debt, and the ferocious pushback these past 12 hours has clearly shown that.