July 24, 2016

Kaine’s Record A Liability With Sanders Crowd

During tonight’s joint interview, Hillary Clinton praised Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as a “progressive who likes to get things done.” Specifically, Clinton singled out Kaine’s record on climate change:

“Secondly, he’s a progressive who likes to get things done. That’s how I describe myself. And I look at his record, his civil rights– record, his education record, his taking on– tough issues like– gun safety, climate change.”

Another politician who’s notice Kaine’s record on climate change is Clinton’s vanquished primary opponent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Kaine’s climate change record, for Sanders, is not a positive one however. Kaine is a supporter of fracking, and by “coincidence” minutes after Kaine’s pick was announced Sanders tweeted his continued support for a nationwide fracking ban:

Kaine’s credentials are a major hurdle for Sanders and his millions of followers, a problem considering Sanders has no difficulty making those feelings public: