Kamala Harris is 'Fading' in the Democrat Primary

Kamala Harris is ‘Fading’ in the Democrat Primary

A new national CNN poll of the 2020 Democratic primary has some pretty brutal numbers for Kamala Harris.

August 22, 2019
Kamala Harris is ‘Fading’ in the Democrat Primary

There may not just be one reason, but making a complete mess of her own message and platform on health care have been central to Kamala Harris’ collapse.

The rash of bad headlines she faces certainly isn’t helping, either…

McClatchy DC: Why Kamala Harris is stuck in neutral

“She’s taken a nose-dive in polling, struggled to hit her stride on an overarching message — and now donors are beginning to wonder about her long-term viability.”

“Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign is suddenly confronting a crossroads.”

“Nothing has crystallized Harris’ conundrum more vividly than her reversal on Medicare for All, a policy she lumberingly defended for months before retreating from its most dramatic provision: the elimination of private insurance.”

Politico: Kamala’s health care stumbles fuel rough stretch for her campaign

“Kamala Harris offered her health care plan expecting to bridge the party’s divides and decisively answer doubts about her see-sawing positions.

“But in the month since, the California Democrat is still struggling to rebut attacks from her chief rivals who are poking holes in its specifics and accusing Harris of putting political calculation before true conviction.”

The Orange County Register: Kamala Harris’ health care fumble

“So just as Harris has had to pivot to Iowa for fear of being knocked out early, Iowans have thrown cold water on her misbegotten effort to square the health-care circle.

“One new poll shows more than half of caucusgoers in her party want private coverage plus a public option, while barely one in five want to switch everything out for universal Medicare. And a video capturing a nursing home resident railing against Harris and her scheme has gone viral on social media.

“Harris finds herself in an unenviable position. Perhaps given the divides on the left today it’s unavoidable. But that doesn’t make her health-care plan anything other than dead on arrival.”

National Review: Why Kamala Harris is Fading in the Democratic Primary

“Going on the offensive and then retreating on busing made Harris seem inauthentic. And the candidate had been dogged by questions of inauthenticity since the start of her campaign because of her waffling on the issue of Medicare for All, the policy at the center of the 2020 Democratic primary.

“So Harris’s problems go deeper than the fact that she had one good debate followed by one bad debate on matters of style. Both debates revealed she has serious weaknesses on matters of substance. And the hits keep coming on Medicare for All: On Monday, she was savaged by Bernie Sanders after it was reported that Harris told wealthy donors in the Hamptons that she was not “comfortable” with Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All bill, which she co-sponsored and supported until a few weeks ago.”