August 3, 2016

Jason Kander’s Laughable Lobbyist Pander

Jason “Pander” Kander predictably sewed up the Missouri Democratic senate nomination Tuesday night, months after his inner circle of Washington, D.C. lobbyists-turned-advisers made an early bet that, if elected, Kander would “remember” their support.

Kander began his campaign telling grassroots Democrats that it was “time that we had someone who stood up for the middle class, not millionaires, huge corporations, and lobbyists” – that “someone” being him.

How has he done at rejecting the scourge of lobbyist influence so far?

  • Kander has raked in nearly $82,000 from D.C. lobbyists and influencers.
  • PoliticMO Headline: “In Campaign Against Lobbyists’ Influence, Kander Seeks Their Fundraising Help”

So, not very well.

The latest blow to Kander’s credibility came in the form of an embarrassing Roll Call exposé, published as Missourians were heading to the polls on Tuesday, featuring the headline. “Lobbyists Woo Potential Freshmen Long Before Election Day.”

One of those potential freshmen? Jason Kander. The report reads:

Jason Kander, the Democratic challenger in Missouri’s Senate race, can already count some K Street lobbyists among his political confidants.

That’s because lobbyists don’t wait until after Election Day to begin courting next year’s freshman class. Influencers are already reaching out to prospective senators and House members, hosting fundraisers and meet-and-greets at which they can provide connections and help swell candidates’ campaign coffers.

It appears that Jason Kander is more backroom dealer than boy scout, and his new lobbyist buddies are betting he would sell Missouri out to buy power and prestige in Washington.