February 8, 2016

Katie McGinty Doubles Down On Donation Deception

The release of Katie McGinty’s fourth quarter FEC report couldn’t have had worse timing for her campaign. It providing a treasure trove of new evidence that directly undercuts McGinty’s false claim that she hasn’t taken contributions from the oil and gas industry.

After a full week under fire for her misleading statement during a debate last Sunday, Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty continued to weave a web of dizzying and contradictory spin.

In a Sunday story in The Philadelphia Inquirer, McGinty’s campaign tried several defensive maneuvers. First, they tried to claim they could read the debate moderator’s mind:

Her campaign argued the moderator’s phrasing referred to donations from PACs and businesses – not individuals at oil and gas companies.

The problem? McGinty used the very definition she claimed to reject. On Wednesday, McGinty’s campaign had hit back on an attack from primary opponent John Fetterman by hyping his contributions from individuals with tangential relationships to the oil and gas industry.

The McGinty camp also sought to narrow the definition of “oil and gas industry”:

It also didn’t specify what counts as the oil and gas industry – companies that explore and drill for fuels? Or those with any tie at all to the field?

Well, if there was any doubt, McGinty’s latest FEC report clears it up. She reports tens of thousands of dollars in donations from executives at oil and gas drilling companies – including those involved in fracking in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale – and oil refining companies which fall under even the narrowest definition of the industry.

View McGinty’s latest oil and gas industry contributions here.

Katie McGinty's Q4 Oil & Gas Industry Contributions by America Rising PAC