November 1, 2016

Katie McGinty Facing Heat For Violating State Ethics Rules

With one week until Election Day, Katie McGinty is feeling some Clinton-style heat over her emails. That’s because the Republican Party of Pennsylvania has accused McGinty of violating state ethics rules by conducting political business on government time.

This outrageous behavior by the Pennsylvania Democrat is in line with previously scandalous conduct. A few weeks ago, McGinty faced heat over her spending taxpayer time on her political activities, as she solicited advice from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Now three newly released emails show that McGinty’s unethical behavior went far beyond even that:

“The state party circulated screenshots of three emails during her brief stint as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, arguing they show McGinty using her state email account ‘during taxpayer hours to engage in political activity.'”

One especially egregious example shows that McGinty skipped a government meeting to meet with liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren:

“In a separate screenshot of a schedule, it notes McGinty would not attend a state government meeting, but would meet with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at a law firm in Philadelphia.”

McGinty is still stonewalling the full release of her emails. Fortunately for Pennsylvanians, in seven days they can hold McGinty accountable for Clintonesque behavior.