March 21, 2016

Katie McGinty Filibusters The Pennsylvania Press Club

Katie McGinty’s Pennsylvania Press Club interview today came after weeks of bad news for the insider candidate who has thus far failed to catch on with Pennsylvania Democrats. Lagging polls, flagging enthusiasm, and unforced errors by campaign chairman Ed Rendell on an almost daily basis has anonymous Democrats turning on McGinty in the press.

So naturally McGinty headed to Harrisburg ready to answer tough questions and put concerns about her campaign to rest, right? Wrong. McGinty dodged question after question by clumsily pivoting to irrelevant sections of her stump speech.

When McGinty was asked about a pending Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint filed against her after Rendell’s latest gaffe revealed potentially illegal coordination between her campaign and outside special interests, she responded by accusing her opponents of trying to “change the subject” and then proceeded to…change the subject to random sections of her stump speech for nearly three minutes:

She got another crack at addressing Democrats’ woes head-on when asked directly about “underperforming” campaign…but instead of answering she filibustered for several minutes by robotically listing her establishment endorsements, which everyone agrees haven’t helped her campaign:

On the plus side, at least McGinty didn’t lie as blatantly during this interview as she did to NBC Philly last month, when she repeatedly denied accepting fracking industry contributions despite hard evidence to the contrary.