July 6, 2016

Katie McGinty Fumbles Flip Flop On Sanctuary Cities

Desperate to boost her flagging campaign, Katie McGinty is trying to have it both ways on sanctuary cities.

Ahead of the senate’s vote on legislation to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws, named “Kate’s Law” for a young woman murdered by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco (a sanctuary city), Katie McGinty is trying her hand at a little political posturing.

She summoned reporters for a conference call on Tuesday, where she tried to distance herself from ultra-liberal Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s sanctuary city policy. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

McGinty, in a conference call with reporters Tuesday, said she had asked Kenney to rethink his policy.

That request came in a letter McGinty sent Kenney Tuesday.

At first blush, it seemed like McGinty – who has consistently supported Philadelphia’s radical policy – was doing a good old fashioned flip flop, but then things got weird:

Pressed for an opinion on Kenney’s policy, McGinty said she was not “rejecting” it but wanted the city to share information with federal officials on pending releases of inmates.

McGinty’s muddled attempt to save her political neck aside, her record on sanctuary cities is clear.

In a January radio interview, McGinty disagreed when the host said sanctuary cities don’t “seem like a good idea” and advocated for Mayor Kenney’s policy.

And in a March interview, McGinty dismissed the controversy around sanctuary cities as merely a debate about “buzzwords” and voiced support for local jurisdictions evading federal law.

McGinty’s attempts to duck and dodge tough questions is becoming a disturbing pattern in her “terribly weak” campaign, but this is one issue she shouldn’t be able to ignore. The U.S. Senate – the body McGinty thinks she is qualified to serve in – is voting today; Pennsylvanians deserve to know where she stands on their security.