October 17, 2016

Katie McGinty Graduated From The Hillary Clinton School Of Lying

Like her candidate for president Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty has developed a major problem with the truth. From her lie about being the first to go to college to her lies about the revolving door to tonight’s new lies about phantom endorsements, McGinty is rivaling Clinton in terms of dishonesty and untruthfulness.

Those lies had McGinty was on the defensive constantly during today’s debate. McGinty’s strong support for Obamacare, and her many other uber-liberal policy proposals didn’t help her either.

First, Toomey and McGinty’s relative support from law enforcement groups became a major topic of converation because of McGinty’s lies on the subject. After Senator Toomey touted the support he’s received from the International Union of Police Associations, McGinty tried to claim a similar level of support from police groups:

The only problem, she can’t name one, forcing her campaign into cleanup mode after the debate:

“The two differed on a number of other issues, including policing and whether Ms. McGinty had been endorsed by any public-safety unions. Ms. McGinty said she had, but declined to name them during the debate.”

When the debate turned to health care, McGinty’s strong support for Obamacare proved a major liability. This year McGinty has said that Democrats should be “proud” that they passed Obamacare. Yet premiums for Obamacare consumers in Pennsylvania are going to rise by an average of 32.5% in 2017. At the same time both UnitedHealthcare and Aetna are leaving the Pennsylvania Obamacare market in 2017, costing thousands of Pennsylvanians their health insurance plans. Instead of apologizing for the awful problems Obamacare has caused Pennsylvanians, McGinty double downed on her support:

McGinty’s trade flip-flop also proved a burden for the Democratic candidate during the debate. Back in 1994, McGinty was full of praise for NAFTA:

“That’s what NAFTA is all about. Strong economic growth with strong environmental protections. The two go hand in hand.”

When compared with McGinty’s past comments, her current position is shown in its proper light as one of political calculus. On trade, McGinty has taken a page straight from Hillary Clinton’s say or do anything playbook: