April 6, 2016

Katie McGinty Repeats Donation Dishonesty In Debate

Tuesday’s WTAE Pennsylvania Democratic debate featured Katie McGinty repeating her dishonest and widely-debunked claim that she doesn’t receive campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

In a tense exchange where Braddock Mayor John Fetteman excoriated McGinty to “own your donors” and said “there’s no such thing as a green fracker,” McGinty attempted to deflect the attacks by claiming they had been disproved by the press.

The problem? It’s unclear which press accounts McGinty was referring to, because the headlines tell a different story:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Senate candidate McGinty’s role in energy industry is questioned”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Did McGinty blow smoke on fossil-fuel support?”

The Morning Call: “GOP attacks Katie McGinty on donors tied to energy, utility firms” 

OZY: “Senate Hopeful Katie McGinty: The Pro-Fracking Environmentalist” 

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “One little ‘no’ draws big reaction” 

Environment & Energy: “Pa. Dems squabble over fracking — and guess who’s for it?”

The Associated Press: “Democrats’ US Senate race heats up over natural gas industry”

POLITICO: “McGinty’s environmental work hit from both sides in Pennsylvania”

In the last quarter of 2015 alone, McGinty took in nearly $30,000 from the oil and gas industry, including contributions from those directly involved in drilling and fracking, despite her dishonest denials.