October 13, 2016

Katie McGinty Runs From Her Record During Editorial Board Meeting

Today Katie McGinty spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Editorial Board. What followed was a discussion in which McGinty ran as far as possible from her record. First, McGinty told the Inquirer that she was not in favor of creating new government programs as a Senator:

That’s not consistent with a whole host of positions McGinty has announced during this campaign. McGinty has come out in favor of a single-payer health care system, cap-and-trade, a carbon tax, and wouldn’t rule out raising taxes on the middle class. McGinty also supported Governor Wolf’s budget which included what the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review called the “largest tax hike in Pennsylvania history.” How McGinty squares these ideas, with her statement today, would be of great interest to Pennsylvania voters.

McGinty followed up these contradictory statements with an absurd one. McGinty tried to evade a question on her ethics record by claiming that she has never violated State ethics rules:


This does not match her conduct during the time she ran the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. After McGinty awarded a $2.6 million grant to a company connected with her husband, the State Ethics Commission ruled that she’d be in violation of ethics rules if she continued to oversee the awarding of similar contracts:

“A battle between Gov. Rendell and Senate lawmakers intensified yesterday as a panel warned that two Rendell cabinet members would be violating ethics law if they approved grants to groups that employed their spouses. In its 7-0 ruling, the State Ethics Commission said there would be a conflict of interest if Kathleen McGinty, secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, and Michael DiBerardinis, secretary of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, continued to oversee the grant-application process involving such groups.”

McGinty’s appearance before Philadelphia Inquirer’s Editorial Board also saw her flip-flop on Guantanamo Bay. McGinty has previously praised President Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay, however today she claimed that she was not for closing the detainee facility:


McGinty has struggled greatly during her Senate campaign. Today’s flip-flopped filled performance will not help her right the ship.