September 16, 2016

Katie McGinty: Socialist Sympathizer

Katie McGinty has shown her true colors over these past few weeks. Today, McGinty is following up a rally with Elizabeth Warren last week, with one with socialist Bernie Sanders today. McGinty’s campaign with two liberal firebrands shows how out-of-touch she is with Pennsylvania voters.

Yet those who have studied McGinty’s record would not be surprised she would be so eager to campaign with a socialist. After all, both McGinty and Sanders strongly supported President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. McGinty and Sanders also are aligned in their support for a single-payer health care system.

No issue better encapsulates McGinty and Sanders’ shared liberal ideology than their support for middle class tax hikes. During the presidential primary race, Sanders infamously campaigned on raising taxes for the middle class.

Likewise, McGinty has spent her political career supporting middle class tax hikes. McGinty is so wedded to her tax-raising ideology that earlier in September, McGinty refused three times to oppose raising taxes for people making as little as $50,000. McGinty has also supported pay roll tax hikes which effect all Pennsylvanians, as well as Governor Wolf’s budget which the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says included “the largest tax hike in Pennsylvania history.”

No one would confuse Bernie Sanders for a candidate that appeals to Pennsylvanians. Yet McGinty’s record shows there is a significant overlap between Sanders and McGinty. Sanders is not right for the Keystone State, and neither is McGinty.